KITE SCHOOL OPEN FROM MID NOV TO MID MAY                 Reserve your instructor

Kiteboarding is an amazing sport!  Mixture of wakeboarding surfing and aviation.  No doubt it is an extreme sport and requires high quality lessons and equipment.

As the only kiteboarding operation located on the kite beach.  Our office equipment and instructors are located in a beach house directly on the kite beach. Thus making it easier to change out equipment and handle your lesson schedule.

What sets us apart from other operations.

  • Only operation located on the kite beach.
  • Exclusivity with Cabrinha.  Top brand for safe user friendly gear.
  • IKO certified instructors with you the whole time during lesson.
  • Operating since 2005!

We recommend 9hrs for a beginner depending on skills.  6hrs for intermediate and 3hrs for refresh.

  • 1 hour refresh lesson $60
  • 3 hours lesson $150
  • 6 hours  lesson $300
  • 9 hours beginner lesson $420
  • shared lesson 1 instructor two students $35/hr per person

All gear is included in lessons: booties, wetsuit, seat/waist harness, life jacket, helmet, kite, board.

Lesson Plan

Land Lesson

  • Equipment description. Equipment set up. Safety drill simulation. Wind and location safety awareness. Choosing the right spot and right equipment. Recognize proper weather conditions.
  • Kite Flying
  • Piloting on land. Motor skills. Understanding the wind window.
  • Waterstart Drills
  • Board control exercises and first power strokes. Stand up while powering the kite. Continuous riding downwind. Edging. Stopping. Accelerating. Slowing down. Edging harder: going upwind.

Water Drills

  • Kite Control Drills
  • Steering left and right. Kite at neutral. Parking the kite. Landing and launching. Water Relaunch. Untwisting the lines.
  • Safety Drills
  • Quick release. Kite recovery. Self-rescue.
  • Body Drag Drills
  • One hand control. Board recovery in deep water. Body dragging upwind and downwind.