Lessons & Gear

Kiteboarding is an extreme sport and considered an aviation sport. This is why high quality lessons with a certified instructor is important. Boat support is recommended as well.
We create kiteboarders. Many other schools just want to teach you kite playing and take your money. We are serious kiteboarders that give intense lessons to get you riding as fast as possible, while maintaining safety and having fun.

An certified instructor is with you at all times, providing the best lesson you can ask for.
We offer a great teaching location from the kite beach. A long beach with side shore wind.

Bolonas island
The boat used for kite lessons
out kitespot

Our lessons are given on Playa Copal in Bahia Salinas. It is a long sandy beach, in the middle of the bay without any dangerous obstacles. The wind direction is good for kiting as well as learning. A private instructor is always with you. Keeping an eye, correcting errors made while in the water, and providing extra security.

Kite Lessons

All gear is included in lessons including booties and a wetsuit if needed. Beginner 8-10hrs. We teach beginner / intermediate / advanced lessons. All with private instructor.
Our gear for lessons, rentals and sales are top of the line Cabrinha, Liquid Force and CrazyFly from the latest year. High quality gear is very important in this sport. It is challenging enough without the use of old gear.

Lesson Plan

Land Lesson

Water Lesson

Kite Control Drills (Flying an inflatable kite)

Safety Drills

Body Drag Drills

Waterstart Drills

Lesson on the kite beach

One person (private instructor)


2 persons with one instructor

$65/h/ 2 persons


Gear rental

Brand new equipment by Liquid Force, Cabrinha, CrazyFly.

Full package includes kite, board, harness, booties and wetsuit, 1-day 5hrs


4 to 6 days discount rate


7 or more days discount rate


Kite only rental 1-day 5hrs


Board only rental 1-day 5hrs


Harness, Booties or wetsuit rental 1-day 5hrs

$5/each per day

Ask for week rates or custom packages. An additional 20% will be add on all prices if you're not staying with us.  

Gear Sales

Cabrinha / Liquid Force / CrazyFly

All our gear is 2017 models. Highly reviewed gear from top Manufacturers. Email or call to inquire about pricing.

email: kitecostarica@hotmail.com • phone: 011-506-8-370-4894